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Gabriela Freile – CEO

Gaby co – founder of emphasis is an entrepreneur and international business developer with more than 10 years of experience in the Marketing and Digital Marketing area.

The experience of having lived and learned several languages ​​and cultures makes his vision of the world is wide to understand and meet the needs of the global market brought to each of the entrepreneurs regardless of the country where they are.

He worked with one of the pioneering companies in digital marketing for tourism in Ecuador.

He managed digital marketing for Latin America in the well-known travel guide Viva Travel Guides.

Global Marketing Manager for Schryver Logistics GmbH German company.

Communication Director of the Chamber of Construction in Ecuador

Consultant and independent consultant since 2013, she has directed several projects at a national and international level.

Expert in Neurolinguistic Programming, Marketing, Innovation and Development and Processes.

“I am a dynamic woman and passionate about teamwork, the charisma and passion in the development of each of the projects of clients and friends in a personalized way have been part of my success at a professional level.”

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